Are you thinking about trying out sex toys, but are a beginner and don't quite know where to start? There are tons of options when it comes to sex toys, and as a beginner, it can be especially hard to navigate this jungle. It can seem completely unmanageable - and it's easy to get lost. In this article, you'll get tips on how to find the very right sex toy. 

Research on the Internet 

If you are a beginner and have no idea which sex toy suits you and what you actually like, the first tip is to research thoroughly on the Internet. Spend some time on your computer or cell phone, and thus get an overview of the many options and products. There are many good online sex stores, like Lovefriendwhere you can get a better idea of what you are looking for. You can also visit a physical store after researching where you can get direct recommendations. Go to a store and get advice from an experienced employee. This will ensure you get off to the best start in achieving a positive first experience with your new sex toy. A little tip when you're in stores and want to test the strength of, say, a vibrator - use the tip of your nose or eyelid as an indicator of whether you think it feels good or too vigorous for you. The skin there is thin and particularly sensitive, as with the intimate areas. 

Examine the material and quality 

The material that most sex toy products, like a vibrator for example, are made of is silicones. There's a reason for that. It feels good - it's soft, holds heat, and is reminiscent of real skin. It's the material that probably comes closest to real skin. There are also products made of hard plastic, glass, rubber, metal, or a combination of the above. Besides the material, the quality is also important. As a beginner, you should know that there are products in which phthalates or other toxins can be found. This can cause burns in the most intimate places. Therefore, examine on the package which chemicals are contained in the products. 

What do you want to use the sex toy for? 

Ask yourself what your personal preferences are. It is always easier to make a choice if you have asked yourself a few questions before hunting in the jungle. How do you envision using the sex toy? Alone, with a partner, or both? The better you know yourself and your personal preferences or which ones you are curious about, the easier the choice will be.

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